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You can download the Fantasia Norn sprites on this site. They are the result of the experiments with my paint program, because I like to play a little bit with colours. The Fantasia Norns occupy Geat slot F, the genome I used is the c256 genome by Creature Labs.

Fantasia Norns


The female and the male Fantasia Norn differ in colour as you can see. They keep their colours at every life stage, the aged norn becomes a little paler. The body changes when they grow older and gets its typical pattern as a youth. You can also recognize a little alteration to the ears and the nose.

The installation of the Fantasia Norns is not difficult: if you doubleclick on the exe-file the installation program will start, and each file will appear in the right folder. You can begin to play with two baby norns or hatch the eggs that were added in your hatchery. Enjoy!

The Fantasia Norns have painted sprites, so they can get surprising effects if you breed them with other norns. These two norns came from one genome, you see they have sex-dependent colours.

Now there are some more coloured Fantasia Norns for download I created editing the pigments and pigment bleeds.

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