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Please have a look at these vendors and food objects for Creatures 2, they are all created by me. My latest cobs are some toys for your norns.

Script Number Reservation: 25500 - 25550


The toy car has a siren and moves if it is pushed by the norns or the hand.

Cheese Mouse

A cheese vendor with special appearance: this mouse doesn't eat the cheese, it dispenses some for hungry norns. This cheese full of holes contains starch, fat, protein - it is substantial.

Chocolate Candy Vendor

The chocolate candy vendor was created on the occasion of Mummy's Creatures' sixth anniversary. It dispenses delicious chocolate candies.

Easter Basket

Easter eggs of different colours are available for your norns if they push the vendor.


This cute little elephant was my first toy cob for Creatures 2. It can change its colour and begins to trumpet if it is activated.

Fish Vendor

The vendor dispenses five sorts of fish, each one is very nutritious.

Food Store

Ten different kinds of food and drinks with different chemicals are situated in the cupboard.


The funny christmastree is a toy cob for your norns coming in the days of christmas time 2001. Push the object - or let the norns push - and look what happens! Then wait a little and look again!


The gingerbread house dispenses edible brown santa norns.

Gingerbread Man

It's not only for Christmas time - the gingerbread man tastes good for the whole year.

Halloween Doll

Please push the toy and look what happens ;-). Playing with the doll can reduce loneliness, fear, boredom and anger.


Don't be afraid - this lolly is not fattening, it is effective against hunger and stress.

Magic Palm Tree

You can't see it, but this palm dispenses ten different kinds of fruit and vegetables. All of them are rich in vitamins, are effective against hunger and thirst. Be surprised what your norns can get from the magic palm tree!


The nutcracker dispenses nutritious walnuts containing starch, fat and protein. It came on St. Nicholas' Day.

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