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Here are some new norn eggs for your world. I thought the old eggs were a little boring after playing Creatures 2 for such a long time. Perhaps you may notice that you might have seen the images before - the new eggs sprites are also available for Creatures 3. The sprites on this site are a mixture between the two sprite sets I have made for Creatures 3.
The first eleven eggs can be layed by the norns, the remaining six eggs can only be found in the hatchery.

Installation: Unzip the file "eggs.s16" into your Images folder but back up the old file before by moving it to the Backup folder. Then place the file "Omelette.s16" into your Applet Data folder, please back up this file, too. Don't overwrite it! Now all the eggs layed by your norns or lying in the hatchery will appear in a new design.

Mixed Coloured Eggs 




This is another collection of coloured eggs sprites. I worked very hard on this version - most of my attempts were not acceptable for me. The following eggs found the way into the new sprite set. ;-)
The first line shows the eggs your norns will lay, the other six eggs will be available in your hatchery.

Special Egg Art




The new blue eggs go very well with my website design. ;-) Some of the pictures are completely new, some were originated from my other, partly not published egg sprites.
Not every egg can be layed by the norns, the second line shows the eggs that can only be displayed in the hatchery.

Blue Egg Selection




The fourth assortment of new egg sprites was particularly created for winter and christmas time. Enjoy!
Your norns can only lay the eggs shown in the first line, the other six eggs will just be depicted in your hatchery.

Christmas Eggs




Celebrate Halloween in Albia with the new eggs in black and orange! But be careful and watch your female norns - they could be scared. ;-)
Only the first eleven eggs can be layed by the norns, the other six eggs may only be inserted out of the hatchery.

Halloween Eggs




My sixth edition of coloured egg sprites is a combination of some of my previous eggs. They were made for Easter 2005 and thanks to the Easter Norns being completed by Alien and Tafgana. Additionally you can download some new eggs called "Animal Easter Eggs".

Favourite Eggs




The following tails were made for the Dotties (half breed with dots all over - no longer available) because there was no breed with dotted tails by then. They occupy Ettin slot A but don't worry - your Ettins produced by the Ettin mother will be born without that tail.
If you would like to have some Ettins with dotted tails you only have to change the appearance gen "tail" and deactivate the dormancy.
Of course you may use the Dotty Tails with every other breed you like.

Dotty Tails




Installation: The Dotty Tails can be installed with the breed installer. You only have to doulbleclick on the application and start the program. All files will be placed in the right folders. Please back up the old tail sprites of your original Ettins before!

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