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If you want to use my C3 agents, you must have installed the update you can get at the official website by Gameware. When you have installed the update you need to create a new world. Use the arrow buttons on your creator to choose the object, then push the create button and the agent will appear in your world. To remove the agent you only have to push the remover button.

Most of my agents are for Creatures 3 only, some are also compatible with DS.

Installation: Place the agent file into your My Agents folder and inject using the creator. The image, sound and catalogue file are embedded and will be automatically installed.

Script Number Reservation: 25500 - 25550

Birthday Cake
C3 and DS

When Mummy's Creatures celebrated its first anniversary, I decided to make a tasty cake for the birthday party. And the norns like it - the birthday cake dispenses four different kinds of cake, five pieces at once.


Seven nutritous coconuts appear at the bottom of the Norn-Terrarium on the right of the egglayer machine.

Easter Egg Vendor
C3 and DS

This huge easter egg works like a vendor - it dispenses edible eggs for your norns. (This agent was my first one for Creatures 3.)

Fruit Basket
C3 and DS

The vendor looking like a basket contains five different kinds of fruit: apples, bananas, grapes, pineapples and strawberries. If your norns push the basket it will dispense seven pieces at once.


It's only a toy, but the lion can roar like a real one. It also can hit its tail on the ground if you push it.


You know the edible mushrooms growing in the hatchery room of Creatures 2? Now you can inject them to the Norn-Terrarium. They will appear on the hill in the near of the tomb, but they can't grow again by themselves.

Music Bear
C3 and DS

A cute teddy bear that can move and play a melody is a nice toy, especially your norn babies will like it. Enjoy!

Norn Doll

It looks like a norn for Creatures 2 and is a funny toy, because the norn doll can laugh and jump, please try!

Palm Tree

This palm tree will appear in the Norn-Terrarium. It automatically dispenses nutritious seed if activated by the hand. Creatures can also push the vendor, even if it is switched off. At the bottom of the palm tree you can see a green or red berry - the green berry says the palm tree is activated, the red berry tells you that the vendor is off. If your norns don't eat the seed, it will disappear after a while, so there will be no excess of it.

Rocking Horse

Maybe this is a nice Christmas present for your creatures, the rocking horse can be activated and moves.

Santa Norn Doll

To give the norns a kind of Christmas feeling you can inject the santa norn doll. It reminds a little of Creatures 1 and 2.

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