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This site contents sprite files that have to be placed in the Creatures 3 Images folder. These are no pictures for your website as you can find in galleries.
Many people are painting eggs for Easter, why not also for Creatures? It was great fun for me to give the norn eggs new colours and patterns!
You have to decide on one of the sprite sets, it's not possible to install all at the same time!

Installation: Change the name of the sprite file "eggs.c16" into "eggs-old.c16" (for example). Then place the new file "eggs.c16" into your Images folder. Now all the eggs layed by your norns or coming out of the egglayer will appear in a new design. Enjoy! The egg sprites also work with Docking Station!

Coloured Easter Eggs 




These eggs were made in easter time, too, but one year later than the first collection. They consist of a mixture of C2 and C1 eggs like the original eggs, just look at their shape!

Easter Eggs Second Edition




The third egg collection was made for Creatures 2 at first. As it is not much work to convert the pictures, so they are available for Creatures 3 now.

Special Egg Art




This wintry looking assortment was also made for Creatures 2 before I converted the file for Creatures 3. Painted eggs are always found at easter time - but why not also for christmas?

Christmas Eggs




With these news eggs your norns can celebrate Halloween on the spaceship. But it's at your own risk to confront the female norns with the horrible looking eggs! ;-)

Halloween Eggs




This edition was primarily made for Creatures 2 and for an activity I started in April 2006. The C3 version was released within the scope of the Creatures Community Spirit Festival.

Eggs Festival Edition


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